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Prepare your video files for DVD Authoring with ease

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Converts AVI/MPEG to the strict DVD constraints.
Use it with DVD Authoring software for creating your own DVD compilations with menus etc. (DVD Styler is recommended for this)

Requirements (2)

1) Windows .NET Framework 2.0 - Available on the project download page or from Microsoft
2) Mencoder which is available by downloading Mplayer. Note there are two Mplayer downloads for Windows. Don't get the GUI one as it doesn't include mencoder. You'll see what I mean when you go to download it

Next Release in June 07
Changes in next release:
Mencoder included with setup to ease installation
Can set your own mencoder parameters if you like
“Good” quality setting removed as it didn't work on some machines – “High” quality setting is now default

Please direct any enquiries, suggestions and bugs to the DVD Prep forum on SourceForge.net

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